How to Stop A Dog From Biting

Knowing how to stop a dog from biting is important for your own safety and the safety of others around the dog. Dogs may bite for any number of reasons, maybe they are territorial or just scared. But in most cases, dogs bite when they’re excited and because they simply don’t know that it’s wrong for them to do so. Some simple training can teach your dog what’s right and what’s wrong.

How Old is Your Dog?

If your dog is still a puppy then it’s important to start the training as early as possible. Although biting and nipping is completely normal for puppies, and doesn’t usually cause any harm, it’s important to learn how to stop a dog from biting to stop it doing any damage as it gets older. And, if your dog seriously bites someone, there’s the risk that it will have to be put down.

To teach your puppy to stop biting, say “no!” every time he or she does it. This is the way they learn that the behavior is too rough, and they’ll catch on pretty quick. Even when the bites become softer, carry on with the training so they’ll avoid nipping altogether. But make sure to reward your puppy when he plays nicely! Stroke him and give him praise to help he learn the right way to behave.

How to Stop A Dog From Biting When They’re Already Grown Up

If a dog still bites as an adult then the training process can be a little more difficult. If your dog is very dangerous, or bites more around people he isn’t familiar with, you’ll have to use a muzzle for protection.

Training might be a little slower, but the principle is the same as for puppies: let them know that biting isn’t acceptable, and show them that it hurts you. Make sure you do it as soon as he bites, so he knows exactly what you’re punishing him for. And, just like the puppy, reward him when he is good, too.

Some other tips to stop your dog biting including: Give him a chew toy that they can bite. Use a muzzle when children are around if your dog is prone to biting. Avoid games that will get your dog too excited if he is prone to bite (like wrestling or tug of war). Only gradually introduce the dog to new situations once you become more comfortable that he won’t bite.

As a responsible dog owner, learning how to stop a dog from biting is absolutely essential. It just takes a little time and patience, but it’s possible no matter how old your dog is.