Clicker training for dogs has been used for many years. Professional animal trainers do this by training animals to do a desired behavior with the use of positive actions. Operant conditioning means doing a positive act that can be pleasing for the dog after successfully doing an action. One way of doing this is to reward the dog with delicious food right after it successfully does a trick.

A clicker is simply a gadget that is carried by professional dog trainers. It is used every time the dog is given a treat for his successful actions. A clicker makes the dog recognize the sound of the clicker as a time for a treat. This will indicate that the clicker sound is a sign that he has been a good dog. Since the sound that a clicker emits is faster than words, it is very effective.

Benefits Of Clicker Training

Clickers make dog training more accessible and easier. Since they are tandem with treats, a clicker gives a dog a praise that he is able to recognize right away. Clicker training helps a dog trainer teach dogs more complex tricks. Training a dog without a clicker can be a bit daunting. Remember that dogs are not humans and they a have a limited capacity to learn things.

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