Is it OK to have your dog in the dog crate Kennel all day, or should you set it free? Having your pet particularly dogs is not necessarily a bad thing. Most experts have stated that just like wolves dig areas sleep and hide from predators, their domestic counterparts also love to do the same on more occasions than some of their guardians realize.

Isolating Pets

There are in fact situations where the dog would rather be isolated for some time. For example, when enjoying a bone, it would rather be in a cage where it is confident it will not be interrupted as it indulges in one of the things it enjoys to do alone.

To avoid dog anxiety, you need to note that the cage will cause a number of complications due to a few things that you ought to loOK out for. Keeping pets in a cage could result in having them stay in a filthy and urine filled space. Pets must therefore be enclosed for only a reasonable period of time.

Age and Type of Pet

The period of time it takes will depend on the age and the pet. Many puppies will need to be let out of its cage for every half an hour since they cannot hold their bladders for long. More mature pets will take hours before being let out. This will also depend on the training the pet has received.

It is recommended that the longest period of time that an adult dog should be kept in their kennel for only 4 hours. This is not only to allow them to take a break, but also to interact with other animals and humans. This is important for their psychological well being. All pets whether in a cat’s carrier or kennel, should be only be there for a limited period of time.

Training and Psychology

You need to do proper crate training for the first few months the pet is in its new environment. It may take time before it gets used to its new environment. You will heave to learn how to deal with dog anxiety and other forms of fear associated with introducing pets to a new environment.

You also need to realize that some dogs may have phobias and other take longer to get used to the idea of being caged. If done properly, the dog will definitely easily get accustomed to the crate.