So you want to train your dog. There are all kinds and types of dog training. Following will be some suggestions to enhance your training. What will these tip do for you? They will assist you in training the animal to listen to you, do some tricks or even lead a blind person around. Very specialized dog training is started when the animal is a few months old. Some of these specialties are hunting, rescue and guide dogs.

If you want one of them, your best bet is to employ someone that has the know how to do the training or to just purchase an animal that has already been trained. To teach you dog the simple things like how to stay put and roll over, you can rely on yourself. When you are trying to teach your dog to do these things, do not hit it, slap it, whip it with a belt or kick it. All you will do is make it mean to everyone. When the animal does something right, reward it. When it is wrong, do not reward it.

When your dog sits when you tell it, reinforce that behavior with a tasty treat. When it does not, no treat. Then try again until the dog does what is asked of it. When you praise your dog for doing the behavior, be sure to keep in mind that those good words are not it’s reward. Give it a treat along with telling it good doggie. A good age to start training your dog is at about 8 weeks.

Once the animal has learned the very basic voice commands, Training it to to other things will not be that hard a task.

Remember, never physically hurt your dog to show it that they did something wrong.